SPN: Rainer Hertle Member of the IHK Regional Assembly Donau-Ries

Technical Managing Director of SPN Schwaben Präzision Fritz Hopf GmbH, Rainer Hertle

28 entrepreneurs will in future represent the interests of business in Donau-Ries, including Rainer Hertle.

The IHK member companies from industry, trade, tourism and services have elected 28 entrepreneurs to the IHK Donau-Ries regional assembly. The regional business parliament of the Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce will represent the overall interests of the approximately 12,500 IHK member companies in Donau-Ries over the next five years.

Our Technical Managing Director Rainer Hertle was elected to this body in July. The Donau-Ries Regional Assembly of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce is the mirror image of the regional economy. The voluntary commitment of its 28 member companies aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the Donau-Ries business location. "I am pleased to be able to help shape the interests of our Donau-Ries business location for the next few years," says Rainer Hertle on his election to the committee.

The constituent meeting will take place at the end of October to elect the board and the future seven Donau-Ries members of the general assembly. The Assembly will then elect the Presidium, including the President, at the beginning of 2024.

Detailed report and listing of all members of the electoral group industry:

Die Mitglieder der IHK-Regionalversammlung Donau-Ries stehen fest|Landkreis|Donau-Ries-Aktuell

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