Application example in energy engineering: work at ease – even at 38,500 volts.

A medium-voltage grid with up to 38,500 V and 12,000 A distributes electric power for several towns, individual districts or railways. If the power supply has to be interrupted, for repairs for example, special switching equipment is required in order to protect people in the vicinity of the electric field.

Fritz Driescher KG from Wegberg, Germany produces this type of switching equipment driven by SPN helical gear units. Important criteria here are a high degree of reliability and robustness to ensure that the switching equipment functions correctly even when it is very hot or extremely cold as well as after long downtimes. In the event of a power cut, this procedure can also be performed manually - using a detachable crank. In this case, the electric drive is mechanically decoupled beforehand. Better safe than sorry. 


Helical gear unit from driescher for medium-voltage technology

  • Largest gear ratios in the smallest installation space due to Roth toothing on the pinion
  • Splined motor shaft for direct mounting
  • DC motors with different voltage ratings
  • Static torque up to 250 Nm
Helical gear unit from driescher for medium-voltage technology

Customized spur gear units for switchgear in power engineering.

Important criteria here are high reliability and robustness, so that function is guaranteed even in extreme heat or cold and after long downtimes.

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