Customized drive solutions based on tried-and-tested standards – the spn principle

Varying demands require individual solutions. Whether you need robust gear components,, high-performance gear units or complex mechatronic drive systems: We manufacture systems and components that perfectly suit the customer's requirements.

In many cases we rely on high-quality components to the SPN standard as the basis that we then precisely modify to meet our customers' requirements. This is not only expedient from a technical point of view but also makes sense for economic reasons – and offers a wide scope to produce custom solutions.

With this principle – in conjunction with the highest possible quality and maximum reliability – we have already convinced many well-known companies around the world.

Discover the options for customized drive solutions

Getriebelösung von SPN
Customer-specific drive solution from SPN
Sondergetriebe SPN-Prinzip
Examples for the drive end: motor-mounting flange, servomotor, three-phase AC motor, tangential clamping, input shaft, splines
Examples for the gearing: planetary drive, bevel drive, helical drive, worm drive, rack-and-pinion drive
Examples for the output bearing: deep-groove radial bearing, angular-contact ball bearing, tapered roller bearing, needle roller and cage assembly, plain bearing
Examples for the output end: drive shaft, Hirth toothing, pinion shaft, hollow shaft, belt pulley

Learn more about spn's basic customizable products

Customizable SPN planetary drives

Planetenradsatz, rundes Gehäuse, Wellen koaxial zueinander


  • Round housing
  • Coaxial shafts


  • High degree of stiffness
  • Minimal radial backlash
  • Compact – high power density

Gear unit solution:SPN planetary gear units

Gear components: SPN helical gears

Customizable SPN helical gear units


  • Square, flat housing
  • Shafts with offset axes


  • Bridging of short and intermediate distances
  • Load distribution over several shafts
  • High speeds

Gear unit solution: SPN helical gear unit

Gear components:  SPN helical gears

Customizable SPN worm drives


  • Square housing
  • Shafts at 90° to each other with offset axes


  • High gear ratio in one gear unit stage
  • Self-locking
  • Low running noises

Gear unit solution: SPN worm gear unit

Gear components: SPN worm drive

Customizable SPN bevel-helical gear unit


  • Square housing
  • Shafts at 90° to each other (other angles are possible)


  • Angled output
  • high efficiency

Gear unit solution: SPN bevel-helical gear unit

Gear components: SPN bevel gears

Customizable SPN rack-and-pinion drives


  • Square drive, often without
  • a shaft, one linear axis


  • Transformation of the movement from rotary to linear
  • Low-backlash
  • No slippage

Gear unit solution: SPN rack-and-pinion drive

Gear components: SPN toothed racks

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