SPN Robot hand axis (straight and angled)

With the special "articulation" of the robot wrist, the range of applications for robot arms can be significantly expanded.

The joint's gear input consists of three drive shafts that can be connected directly to the motor.

Since even slight vibrations or synchronization fluctuations can have an impact on the quality of production, the individual gear stages were designed so that they can be adjusted without backlash. A key factor in meeting the requirements for the drive design was the planning of a hollow shaft. With a diameter of 70 mm, this is dimensioned in such a way that the relevant media can be guided to the gearbox output without effort.



Robot hand axis


This drive solution was developed for the last three axes of an articulated arm robot.

However, it can also be used independently or in conjunction with a gantry robot for complex handling tasks. Each axis can be controlled independently and can thus reach any point of a spherical working area.


  • absolutely backlash-free

  • high rigidity

  • hollow shaft through gear axis for media feed-through

  • straight and angled version


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