NEW! SPN traction-steering drive eco-line for driverless transport systems.

This year at LogiMAT, SPN Schwaben Präzision presented the standardized SPN eco-line drive system for the first time. An exhibit will be on site to directly demonstrate the properties and design of the system components as well as the processing. The gearbox meets the highest demands in the smallest possible size, omni-directional mobility of the wheel, a unique wheel load of up to 1.5 tons per wheel and the well-known precision and quality promise of the SPN experts.

SPN traction-steering drive eco-line


  • load up to 1.5 tonnes per drive possible
  • Speed up to 2.78 m/s
  • four-stage gear ratio for traction max. output torque T2 = 190 Nm
  • single-stage gear ratio for steering max. output torque T2 = 235 Nm
  • service life ≈ 15,000 h
  • individual brake interface possible
  • individual steering encoder interface possible
  • cast aluminium gearbox housing
  • weight without wheel and without motor ≈ 27 kg
  • protection class: IP54 (with attachment parts)

Your advantages

  • omnidirectional driving
  • closed drive system
  • very compact installation space
  • high efficiency
  • various motors can be connected (also power-dependent)
  • no enveloping circle
  • wheel endlessly freely rotatable
  • low wheel wear due to optimised gear ratio
  • no cable wear
  • lightweight aluminium construction

SPN traction-steering drive eco-line

Detailed information on our self-developed SPN eco-line power steering drive.

SPN Travel and steering drive

Traction drive for transport and conveying purposes - in this case for the specific requirements of "Automated Guided Vehicles" (AGVs).

The development work was aimed at maximum precision of the driving characteristics. This high degree of precision is absolutely essential for logistical applications: Only in this way can the transported components be placed at the intended destination with precise coordination.

The design was conceived to be as compact as possible. This means that the transport loads can also be carried on narrow pallets.



Travel and steering drive


  • Gearbox housing made of GGG casting
  • three-stage gear ratio for driving
  • max. output torque T2 = 126 Nm
  • two-stage gear ratio for steering
  • output torque T2 = 120 Nm
  • Worm drive
  • Bevel drive
  • Spur gear drive
  • individual interfaces possible

Your advantages

  • compact installation space
  • high efficiency
  • independent motors (=> freely programmable)
  • optimal efficiency (=> benefit = higher runtime)

Your contact for SPN travel and steering drives

Contact Person

Anton Lösch

Telephone: +49 9081 214-134

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