Stroke-swivel unit according to SPN standard

The SPN lift-and-swivel unit positions components with small loads to their destination in fractions of a second. The cylindrical working area can be freely approached in any position. And it does so with the highest positioning accuracy.



Lift-swivel unit


The separate drives allow any defined curves to be driven. The lifting and rotating movements are absolutely independent of each other. The rotary axis can be rotated endlessly. Due to the stepless adjustability of the gearbox upper part in relation to the lower part, the gearbox can be adapted to the available installation space. Motor adaptations for common servo motors are available from stock.

Special motor adaptations and additional parts (e.g. sensors) are possible.


  • Mounting position arbitrary
  • end stops of the stroke axis damped
  • Optionally with direct stroke axis drive or with upstream toothed belt drive, 3 x 90° rotatable (downward if space is limited)
  • easy motor mounting due to tangential clamping
  • Torsional backlash of the rotary axis < 1'
  • backlash of stroke axis < 0.1 mm
  • Lubricated for life by synthetic grease

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Anton Lösch

Telephone: +49 9081 214-134

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