Bevel gears to the SPN standard

SPN bevel gears are manufactured according to your drawings. You have the choice between robust straight teeth or smooth-running spiral teeth. Different materials and hardening processes round off the offering.

Manufacturing processes:

Manufacturing processes:milling according to the Klingelnberg cyclo-palloid system
Type of teeth:spiral teeth
Module:0,5-1,5 mm
Number of teeth:5-80
Workpiece diameter:20-110 mm

SPN bevel gears with straight teeth

Manufacturing processes:milling
Type of teeth:straight
Module:up to 5 mm
Number of teeth:5-120
Workpiece diameter:up to 200 mm

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Wolfgang Beck

Telephone: +49 9081 214-116

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Customized drive solutions result from personal interaction between you and the SPN experts. Here you will find the SPN contact person for your region.

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Contact the SPN experts for customized gear and drive solutions at the SPN headquarters in Nördlingen:

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