Splines to the SPN standard

SPN splines are positive-fit elements that connect the shaft to the hub. Common standards are DIN 5480 for involute splines, DIN 5481 for serrated shafts or ANSI B92.1, which is often used in the aviation industry. Your benefits; simplest assembly and high safety factors against slipping.

Technical data for hubs

Manufacturing processes: shaping, profile broaching
Standards: DIN 5480, DIN 5481, ANSI B92.1
Module: 0,4-6 mm
Number of teeth: 5-150
Tooth width: up to 87 mm
Pitch circle diameter: up to 300 mm

Milled SPN worm shafts

Manufacturing processes: hobbing
Standards: DIN 5480, DIN 5481, ANSI B92.1
Module: 0,2-6 mm
Number of teeth: 5-150
Toothed length: up to 400 mm
Workpiece diameter: up to 300 mm

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Wolfgang Beck

Telephone: +49 9081 214-116

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