Fritz and lieselotte hopf foundation

The husband-and-wife team Hopf - who themselves have no children - have always considered a solid school education and company-based training as well as the promotion of musical talent to be important.

Company founder Dipl.-Ing. Fritz Hopf (deceased 07.01.1999)
Founder Lieselotte Hopf (deceased 12.06.2018)

The foundation promotes the following:

  • Promotion of school education and upbringing of young people
  • Promotion of professional education and training in all branches of technology, especially research and development in the fields of precision engineering, gear manufacturing, mechanical engineering and drive technology
  • Promotion of musical education and training for young people
  • Promotion of sport education and training for young people

The foundation solely and directly pursues charitable purposes as defined in the section "Tax-privileged purposes" of the Fiscal Code of Germany and is subject to supervision by the Bavarian administrative region of Swabia.


Josef Seitz is the chairman of the board of the charitable foundation and Helmut Beyschlag is his proxy. 

Mr. Gunther Düll rounds off the board of directors.

The Fritz and Lieselotte Hopf Foundation is an indirect majority shareholder of SPN Schwaben Präzision Fritz Hopf GmbH. The transfer of the majority of the company's shares to the Fritz and Lieselotte Hopf Foundation serves the purpose of guaranteeing the independence and the continued existence of the company in the long term.

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