A stroke of luck! A strong region: donauries

DONAURIES Is one of the regions of Germany with the best quality of life. Here, one finds attractive job opportunities in future-oriented industries and top companies which stand out due to their corporate culture based on the spirit of partnership and exceedingly family-friendly working conditions. In addition, the region enjoys excellent housing conditions and environmental quality. In a nutshell: In DONAURIES life and work are perfectly balanced.

We at SPN have a strong attachment to our region. That is why we are a brand partner for our borough.

The strengths of our economic region

The DONAURIES region is a great place to live and work. This has been confirmed again and again by various studies and rankings, including third place for quality of life and municipal investment and tenth place in the Focus Money magazine's economic ranking. Rankings enable the borough and the economic region of DONAURIES to be compared to other boroughs and regions.

New to the DONAURIES region? We wish you a warm welcome in one of the most liveable regions in Germany! To help you settle in more easily or to prepare your move to the DONAURIES region, we have gathered some useful information for you here.

Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Hertle, Technical Director at SPN

"SPN Schwaben Präzision has been closely connected to the DONAURIES region for decades now.

Here, one finds committed and highly competent employees, cutting-edge technology from the region for the whole world, and just as important, it is a wonderful place to live.

We would like to make this outstanding constellation known beyond the region's borders."

Impressions of Donauries

Schloss Alerheim

Do you want to learn more about our region and SPN as an employer?

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Georg Jaumann

Telephone: +49 9081 214-200

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