Rack-and-pinion gear units to the spn standard

Are you looking for a drive system that can position large weights over long distances. The SPN rack-and-pinion gear units are extendable as needed – thus, you always have the right length available. Ideally, you combine your drive with SPN planetary gear units or SPN bevel-helical gear units. Discover your options.

Automation in the production and logistics process is one of the future topics in industry. For our customers, we are a reliable partner in the development and production of rack-and-pinion gears.

Basic design of rack-and-pinion gear units

A rack-and-pinion gear unit transforms the rotational movement of a motor or a gear unit into linear motion. The pinion performs the rotational movement, and by meshing with the gear rack, the movement is transformed into a linear feed. This process also works inversely. A linear movement, of a piston for example, drives the gear rack, causing the pinion to rotate. 

In many cases an open drive without a housing is used. Here, it is necessary to ensure that forces that arise due to the gear teeth meshing are taken up by other components. The meshing of the gears guarantees direct drive without slippage even over long distances. Either the gear rack or the pinion can perform the feed movement.

These are the advantages of the rack-and-pinion gear units to the spn standard

  • Drive over long distances
  • Transformation of the movement from rotary to linear
  • Adjustable to ensure low backlash
  • No slippage
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