gearboxes for the food industry - focus on hygiene and safety

In the sensitive and highly regulated environment of the food industry, gearboxes play a crucial role in the efficient and hygienic production of food. From mixing and dosing ingredients to processing, packaging, storage and distribution, gearboxes fulfill a variety of important functions that ensure the smooth running of production and processing procedures in the food industry.

One of the main requirements for gearboxes in food technology is hygiene. Food must be produced and processed under strict hygienic conditions to protect the health of consumers. Therefore, gearboxes must be designed to be easy to clean and disinfect to facilitate compliance with food hygiene regulations and minimize the risk of contamination. Special materials such as stainless steel and food-safe plastics are often used in the food industry to meet hygiene requirements.

As food processing equipment often operates around the clock, gearboxes must have a long service life and be low maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize equipment productivity.

Gearboxes in the food industry must not release any harmful or undesirable substances that could affect the quality or safety of the food. Therefore, gearboxes must be made from materials that comply with food standards. This requires close cooperation between gearbox manufacturers and food manufacturers to ensure that the materials and components used comply with the applicable regulations and standards.

In addition, gearboxes in the food industry must also be able to meet the special requirements of various production and processing procedures. From the slow and gentle processing of delicate foods such as fruit and vegetables to the fast and efficient processing of large quantities of raw materials such as grain and sugar, gearboxes must meet a variety of requirements to meet the different demands of food production.

Industry solutions in food technology

Gearbox solutions for food technology

For a customer project, we installed food-safe gearboxes with different ratios in a system. Additional challenges were a temperature limit in S1 operation and the required EHEDG guidelines.

The right gearbox for food requirements

We rely on customized gearboxes, taking into account material selection, design adjustments and temperature control to prevent contamination through a carefully thought-out design.

In this way, our gearbox solutions meet the requirements of the food processing industry and ensure both flexibility and efficiency in production


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