Application example in the textile industry: high quality never goes out of fashion.

Fine threads are produced by twisting and stretching fibres. Whereas in the past a spinning wheel produced a single thread by means of a rotating spindle, a modern ring spinning machine with more than 1920 spindles can produce concurrently. At the Sauer Group the drive of the complete drafting arrangement and for lifting the ring frame is performed by helical-worm and helical gear units from SPN.

Different rotational speeds and axle spacings are achieved through a modular design. The drive concept for the drafting arrangement guarantees a thread quality that is the prerequisite for optimum suit fabrics and high-quality functional clothing. The integrated safety functions as well as the ease of maintenance guarantee smooth operation. The SPN gear units are delivered with three-phase AC motors assembled – worldwide. 


Modular drive concept for textile machinery from the sauer group

  • Long service life of the bearings and the gear components of 40,000 hours in three-shift-operation
  • Shaft seal can be replaced several times
  • No ingress of lint and residual fibers due to closed design

SPN spur gear motor

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