Gearboxes for aviation - precision and safety

In the demanding environment of the aviation industry, gearboxes play a crucial role in performance, reliability and safety. From controlling engines to actuating flaps and landing gear, transmissions perform a variety of important functions that ensure the safe operation of aircraft.

One of the main requirements for gearboxes in aviation is weight reduction. Every additional kilogram of weight can have a negative impact on the performance and efficiency of an aircraft, so gearboxes must be lightweight yet robust and resilient.

Innovative gearboxes for the highest safety standards

In the aviation industry, the highest safety standards are of paramount importance, so gearboxes must be robust and low-maintenance to minimize operational failures and ensure aircraft safety. This requires high-precision manufacturing techniques and strict quality controls to ensure that the gearboxes meet the demanding requirements of the aviation industry.

Gearboxes in aviation must be able to transmit large amounts of power and torque to efficiently operate the various systems and components of an aircraft.

This is especially true for engine drives, where the gearboxes are subjected to extreme loads and yet must ensure smooth and reliable performance.

In addition, gearboxes must also be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Aircraft can be exposed to temperature extremes, vibrations, pressure changes and other adverse conditions that can affect the performance and reliability of gearboxes. Therefore, gearboxes must be robust and corrosion resistant to ensure a long service life.

Industry solutions in aviation

Planetary gearboxes and gearing parts for a high-lift system

SPN supplies individually developed planetary gearboxes and gearing parts that meet the highest requirements: In addition to low wall thicknesses for a weight-optimized design, form-fit connections with high safety factors and absolute corrosion resistance are also important.

SPN Quality gearboxes for the aviation industry

As a renowned manufacturer of gearboxes and gearing parts, SPN plays a key role in the provision of highly specialized components for commercial aircraft. In the process

individually developed planetary gears and gearing parts that meet the highest requirements. These components must not only have low wall thicknesses for a weight

weight-optimized design, but also offer positive connections with high safety factors and absolute corrosion resistance.

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