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Assuming social responsibility means taking account of socially relevant issues during corporate decision-making processes and having one's eye on what is happening beyond one's own area of expertise. For us that also means considering company-related activities from a social and ecological point of view.

Energy-efficient drive solutions, sustainable production methods and protecting the environment and nature are significant challenges for the future. At SPN we consider thinking and acting holistically to be the prerequisite for a successful company.

We are constantly working on innovative solutions and methods for both our production processes and our products in order to create important advantages for the environment, nature, our employees and the social environment.

For us that means

Employer responsibility

As a well-known employer in DONAURIES SPN is integrated into the social environment. For decades now we have been working together with regional suppliers and delegating simple assembly tasks to the Lebenshilfe Donau-Ries e.V. in Nördlingen. Our staff participate in numerous social initiatives and are actively involved in societies and associations, whether for economic, social or cultural purposes. SPN strives to ensure fair business practices and transparency. In our relationship to our employees we undertake to promote an open dialogue and exchange of views.

We promote the creativity, motivation and commitment of our employees. SPN sets great store by the improvement of safety to avoid risks at the workplace and to protect our employees' well-being. Furthermore, SPN actively promotes the development of each individual's potential and the health of its employees. In-house training has a high priority at SPN as a matter of tradition. We have an above-average apprenticeship quota and attach great importance to training our staff in-house. More information on training at SPN is available here.


SPN offers its employees a wide range of working-hours models. Our objective is to combine a high level of flexibility with planning reliability. Around 10% of the workforce work part time with a wide variety of part-time employment models that are oriented towards the needs of the employees. In addition, a working-time account is kept for all members of staff in order to balance out operational and personal needs.

We are thus able to adjust our processes ideally to cope with order-related fluctuations and enable our employees to reconcile their career with their domestic obligations and personal interests.

The family-friendly approach includes the provision of very flexible offerings during and after parental leave. Fathers who want to take parental leave are supported in their plans.

Equal pay

In 2012 we took part in the project "Lohngleichheit im Betrieb - Deutschland" (wage equality in German firms), also called "Logib-D", run by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth to promote greater wage equality between men and women.

During the project, the wage and personnel structures were investigated in detail with the analysis tool Logib-D to check for gender pay gaps, and their causes were analysed. As part of a sponsored consultation with professional business consultants, concrete individual options for action were generated in order to reduce any wage gaps detected.

SPN considers equal opportunities and wage equality for men and women and a family-friendly human-resources policy to be a decisive competitive advantage with which to attract qualified specialist personnel. Logib-D helped us to make better use of women's know-how and to value the performance of our female staff appropriately, and also confirmed that wage equality exists at SPN.

For this, SPN and 19 other participating companies were awarded with the label "Logib-D geprüft" (audited by Logib-D) by state secretary Lutz Stroppe for their gender-equitable human-resources and pay policies.

Further information is available here.

Customer and supplier relationships

We also call on our customer and suppliers to take their social, ecological and economic responsibilities just as seriously as we do through a commitment to a sustainable purchasing policy. This is a basic prerequisite for successful management of supplier relationships in the national and international supply chain.

Environmental awareness

Click here to go to our environmental awareness page.

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