Application Example Automation in Glasses Production: Perspective at highest Precision

It is amazing to see how many work steps are necessary until the wine glass in our living room cupboards is finished. One could think that after the glassblowing the work is done but in that moment, the postprocessing starts. The glass top at the upper edge is split off, the arisen sharp mouth rim is planed and afterwards melted. SPN delivers the drive for the automation of these work steps.

In a new high-speed plant for the glasses production, a lift-turn-unit positions the glass blanks extremely fast. This custom-made drive of SPN is characterized by a positioning accuracy between the individual work steps, which is important to assure that the filigree glasses are not damaged.  

Thus, SPN could develop a total concept which realizes the glasses production with a single plant instead of two in the past. The used lift-turn-unit is a gearbox with hollow shaft and output flange. The necessary connection cables can be laid through the hollow shaft to the gripper on the output side. Furthermore, the output flange of the flange drive is suitable for fixing the gripper. In this process, the grippers capture the glasses and bring them – after they have been lasered and ground – into position for the corresponding tray. At the same time, a rotational movement takes place within which the glass is captured and turned with a speed of 370 U/min. With this plant, up to 60 glasses per minute, i.e. up to 60,000 per day, can be produced.

HSE gear unit with mounted gripper units



Lift-turn-Units of SPN of type HSE12, HSE16 and HSE20 are especially suitable to transport light or small dimensioned components from their starting position to their determined destination. During the gearbox development it was paid attention to the fact that the planned transport distance can be managed with a minimum of time and a maximum of safety and precision.

The drive is driven by servo motors which act and are adjustable independently of each other and which are reduced by precise planetary gearboxes. The whole steering unit can be programmed freely and can be used cross-sectorally for a number of applications in which a lift and a turn movement overlaid is required.

Workstations for glass finishing, equipped with HSE gearboxes from SPN

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