Gearboxes for the packaging industry - efficient and precise

Packaging technology is a high-tech environment in which gearboxes play a central role, as they are essential for the precise movement and control of machines in packaging systems. From dosing and filling to sealing, labeling and palletizing, the numerous processes in packaging systems require specially adapted gearboxes.

Precision is a key aspect in the design of gearboxes for packaging systems. Packaging lines must be able to process products quickly and accurately in order to maximize productivity and minimize waste. This requires gearboxes that are able to perform accurate movements and positioning to ensure consistently high quality packaging.

Time is money: In the packaging industry, large quantities of products are often processed in a short time, so gearboxes must be able to achieve high speeds while still being precise and reliable. This requires special designs and materials that enable smooth movement at high speeds.

Packaging machines often work under full load and must therefore be able to transmit high torques and handle large forces without sacrificing performance. Robust designs and high-quality materials are therefore essential to ensure the durability and reliability of the gearboxes.

Strict hygiene regulations in the operation of packaging systems for food and medicines are a matter of course. Therefore, gearboxes must be easy to clean and maintain to facilitate compliance with these regulations and minimize downtime.

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