Perfect drives for special applications: SPN Schwaben Präzision develops customized spur gears for energy technology

Initial situation

A medium-voltage network with up to 38,500 volts and 12,000 A is used to distribute electrical energy for several towns, individual districts or railroads. If the power supply is to be interrupted - for example for repairs - special switching devices are required to protect people in the electrical environment.

SPN supplies customized helical gearboxes for such switching devices in energy technology. Important criteria here are high reliability and robustness, so that the function is guaranteed even in extreme heat or cold and after long downtimes.

In the event of a power failure, this process can also be carried out manually using a clip-on hand crank, whereby the drive train is mechanically decoupled beforehand. Safe is safe.

Project implementation

A common practice at SPN is the adaptation of standard gearboxes or the modification of existing solutions to meet new customer requirements. For example, we were able to show a new prospective customer the various options from a portfolio of existing switch gearbox solutions and provide a drive for preliminary trials and tests at short notice.

Together with the customer's developers, the SPN professionals were then able to make the adaptations for final use for all customer requirements.

While retaining the tried-and-tested gear ratio with special gearing in the first stage (motor shaft with two teeth), the housing and the gear shaft were individually adapted in the connection dimensions to the customer's switch.

Project result

As with all existing solutions, the gearbox housing with cover has been designed in such a way that it can be manufactured from aluminum plate material at short notice. The shift shaft (output shaft) with control pin remained unchanged in the area to the inside of the gearbox, so that this could also be manufactured quickly from existing, similar parts. Long-running parts such as hardened gears, some of which had their teeth ground, or the splined motor shaft were reused.

Within just 4 weeks of the delivery of a "demonstrator", the first prototypes of geared motors were delivered to the customer specifically for their requirements. A gearbox that perfectly matches the customer's requirements. This is what drives SPN. We will show you the way to your individual special gearbox - from the non-binding initial consultation to the after-sales service.

SPN spur gearbox E-S80-0-DM

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Profile spur gearbox E-S80-0-DM

The actuator is used in switchgear to interrupt disconnector/earthing contacts - for example for repairs. In the event of a power failure, the gearbox can be operated by a clip-on hand crank and mechanically decoupled at the same time.

Technical data:

  • Gear ratio i = 627:1 or 1379:1
  • Max. Output torque 180 Nm at 10,000 shifting cycles
  • Manual drive via output stage, gearbox is mechanically decoupled.
  • Aluminum housing
  • Optional motor voltages 24 V DC, 48 V DC, 60 V DC, 110 V DC, 220 V DC

Your advantages:

  • Highest transmission ratios in the smallest installation space
  • Toothed motor shaft for cost reduction
  • DC motors with different voltages
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Safe and reliable operation (functionality even after one year of standstill)

SPN E-S80-0-DM helical gearbox for energy technology

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