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We are aware that economic actions and technical design always go hand in hand with interventions into nature and the environment. This means that comprehensive environmental-protection concepts are required. Constant improving our company's environmental performance is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. SPN regards itself as being responsible for preserving a habitable environment for future generations.

We were selected by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection to take part in the project "Bayerischer EMAS-Kompass" (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), and our company was certified to EMAS as part of this project on 01/09/2015. The ever-increasing number of customer enquiries about our environmental-protection activities provides us with the long-term motivation to improve our environmental performance in accordance with EMAS.


That means for us

The basis of the environmental-management system is the voluntary commitment to environmental protection. This commitment is anchored in our environmental policy and is communicated to our employees as well as to third parties. 

We are committed to:

  • promoting the use of high-quality and environmentally friendly products
  • selecting and using environmentally friendly equipment
  • using energy and water economically
  • reducing waste by avoiding waste during procurement
  • separating waste and recycling materials
  • continuously improving our environmental performance
  • using renewable resources
  • complying with statutory regulations


SPN Schwaben Präzision Fritz Hopf GmbH has been EMAS-certified since 04/09/2015. 

The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme EMAS is a particularly demanding and sustainable environmental-management system set up by the EU, which is also in part used outside Europe.

Thus, SPN fulfills its legal obligations and the requirements of its customers on the one hand,

and on the other hand, the certification corresponds to the company's mission statement: SPN considers this contribution to environmental protection as a social obligation to preserve an intact environment for future generations. With EMAS, our goal is to constantly improve our environmental performance hand in hand with our economic performance in the coming years.

As one of six pilot businesses in Bavaria, SPN has contributed to the development of instruments that enable small and medium-sized companies to introduce an environmental management system in accordance with EMAS.


Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Hertle at the award ceremony in Munich

Imagevideo - The Baviarian "EMAS-Kompass"
SPN Managing Director Rainer Hertle in interview

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Environmental statement

A major component of the environmental management system in accordance with EMAS is the environmental statement. It serves to inform the general public about the company's environmental impact and the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.


SPN is taking part in the Bavarian Environmental Pact. The Bavarian Environmental Pact is the model for success for cooperative approaches to environmental protection. It acknowledges voluntary commitments by Bavarian firms to corporate environmental protection activities and sustainable economic activity.

Further information about the Bavarian Environmental Pact is available here.

SPN took part successfully in the pilot project "Bayerischer EMAS-Kompass" and made an important contribution within the framework of the "Bavarian Environmental Pact – sustainable growth with environment and climate protection".

Further information about Bavarian Environmental Pact is available here.


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