Drive for a gantry cutting system: an individual SPN drive solution for mechanical engineering.

The tools for thermal cutting and marking are mounted on the horizontal X-axis of the gantry cutting system. Together with the Y-axis, a rectangular working area is created which can be freely traversed. For the production of high-quality workpieces, the backlash of the axes is crucial. This is particularly evident with a round workpiece; if the backlash in the axes is too large, the system will produce an elliptical shape.

The appropriate solution is the combination of planetary and rack and pinion gear units, it is particularly suitable for long, precise linear movements with high loads.  In cooperation with the customer, the SPN applicators combined the optimal set for both axes. With one type of rack and motor, the requirements for both axes can be met. The necessary variance is represented by different gear ratios. Drives from SPN a round thing.


Key data

Max. traversing speed: 37 m/min
Acceleration: 1,5 m/s²
Masses moved: 1500 kg
Components used:
Planetary gear unit
Rack-and-pinion drives

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