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Rack and pinion gearing is a precise mechanical design that is used in many industrial applications for the linear movement of machines and devices. The module indicates how large the teeth of a rack are. The correct module selection depends on the specific application and load requirements.

The correct tooth profile of the gearing is crucial for efficient power transmission and a low wear rate. The tooth width, number of pinion teeth and material pairing influence the load capacity and wear resistance of the rack. It must be dimensioned in such a way that it can withstand the loads to which it is exposed in the application.

The number of teeth on a rack of the same length influences the torque and speed it can transmit. With a larger number of teeth, the torque is distributed more evenly. In addition, a smooth surface of the teeth is important to reduce friction and wear.

The surface roughness should be within certain limits depending on the application. There are both dry and lubricated applications.

Rack and pinion gearing is a mechanical system consisting of a straight, elongated rack with a large number of teeth. The base body can be round, square, rectangular or otherwise shaped.

The technical designation for such a toothing comprises several parameters to precisely describe its properties. These include


the module (m), which indicates how large the teeth are in relation to the diameter of the pinion.

The tooth head width (rack width), which describes the width of the teeth at their widest point

the tooth root height, which indicates how high the teeth are from the base of the rack.

The pitch (p) is the distance between two consecutive teeth at the same point.

The pressure angle (α) is shown in the sketch above.

The tooth height refers to the total height of a tooth from the tooth root to the tooth tip.

The material from which the rack teeth are made varies and can include steel, plastic, brass or other materials. The accuracy class also plays a decisive role. This indicates how precisely the toothing is manufactured and what tolerances it meets.




milled gear racks

Manufacturing process milled
Type of toothig straight and helical
Module 0,5-10 mm
Rack body square and round
Square material 10x10 bis 100x100
Component lenght up to 2000 mm

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