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SPN Schwaben Präzision is the technology-independent drive designer. The innovative manufacturing technologies used underline the drive to always manufacture at the highest level. Careful selection and implementation of the relevant technologies increase the competitiveness and profitability of the company.

This enables us to develop new products to meet the needs of our customers and the market.


SPN is the high-performance manufacturer of drives, gearboxes and gears.

Our production site in Nördlingen impressively reflects this in its machinery.


We know gears inside out. Even in the early days of SPN Schwaben Präzision, gears were manufactured for watch production. We use the latest technology to ensure the highest precision of our parts.


Gear shaping: ø 3000 x 275 mm
Gear shaping with automation: ø 180 x 330 mm
Hobbing: ø 500 x 1000 mm
Gear hobbing with automation: ø 105 x 350 mm
Gear rack milling: ø 2000 x 100 x 100 mm
[Translate to EN:] Wälzstoßmaschine Liebherr LFS 300

Gear shaping machine Liebherr LFS 300

wire edming

[Translate to EN:] Drahterodiermaschine Sodick ALC 600

Sodick ALC 600 wire-cutting machine

Component height: up to 340 mm 
Taper angle: up to 45°


Sparks are generated by a sequence of electrical voltage pulses, which lead to material removal. Wire EDM is often used to create complex shapes and contours in metal that are difficult to achieve with other processes. Very high accuracies and surface qualities can be achieved.


[Translate to EN:] Flankenschleifmaschine Liebherr LCS150

Flank grinding machine Liebherr LCS150

Bore grinding: ø 300 x 600 mm
External cylindrical grinding: ø 450 x 100 mm
External cylindrical grinding with automation: ø 100 x 250 mm
Flank grinding: ø 350 x 750 mm
Worm grinding: ø 100 x 3000 mm
Surface grinding: ø 1200 x 400 mm


If high quality with high profile accuracy is required, we rely on the latest technology in the field of flank grinding. Depending on the requirements of the gears and the specific applications, different processes and grinding tools can be used.



Hard turning:      
Turning of bar stock: up to ø 90 mm
Turning of saw cuts: up to ø 300 mm


We use the latest CNC technology for turning. Sophisticated machining of forged components, saw cuts and the machining of bar material are possible here. We can also offer hard turning of components

[Translate to EN:] Drehmaschine DMG CTX 1250 TC 4A

Lathe DMG CTX 1250 TC 4A


[Translate to EN:] DMG Bearbeitungszentrum NHX 4000

DMG machining center NHX 4000

Pallet change: Components up to 630 mm x 630 mm

5-axis milling  



We achieve a high degree of automation with the latest machining centers in the milling sector. Economical series production of housings as well as single part production are our daily bread.


3D coordinate measuring machine:  

Gear measuring center 



Our precision measuring centers can be used to check complex drive components with their high accuracy requirements.

[Translate to EN:] Messmaschine Klingelnberg P26

Measuring machine Klingelnberg P26


[Translate to EN:] Systemarbeitsplatz in der Montage bei SPN

System workstation in assembly at SPN

System workstations


Series assembly



Our ergonomic system assembly enables us to meet the high quality demands of our customers. The installed pick-to-light system supports the employee during assembly. It eliminates errors, ensures product quality and increases productivity. In addition, digital assembly instructions guide the workers safely through the individual process steps using images and videos.


wide product range

Different requirements call for individual solutions. Whether it's robust gearing elements, high-performance gearboxes or complex mechatronic drive systems, we manufacture systems and components precisely according to customer requirements.

SPN family

Drive solutions from SPN are designed precisely to meet individual customer requirements. Because this is the only way to create a solution that takes you further. People work on these solutions - our SPN family.

A team of experienced engineers and technicians supports our customers from the creation of the specifications through development and design to series production. Our expertise is not limited to the development and production of high-quality gearboxes, gears and gear racks with the highest precision, but also includes engineering for the control and regulation of the corresponding drives and handling components, all at our site in Nördlingen. Short distances, quick decisions and teamwork are a matter of course for us.

We offer you interesting positions in exciting fields of activity and specialist areas of drive technology. Thanks to the outstanding qualifications and high level of commitment of our employees, we are able to implement our customers' requirements quickly, reliably and precisely.

Our employees are the most important asset of our company. The qualifications, motivation and commitment of all employees play a significant role in our company's success!


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Customized drive solutions result from personal interaction between you and the SPN experts. Here you will find the SPN contact person for your region.