Transmission solution for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in intralogistics

The right part in the right place - optimized in terms of time and route - is already supported by the use of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and will continue to be so in the future. The use of these smart vehicles has become indispensable in many intralogistics systems. This smart and sustainable transport solution increases productivity in manufacturing and warehousing and supports sustainable and ecological goals in the company.

The automated guided vehicles, or AGVs, are in continuous use. Interruptions or long maintenance and repair times disrupt the logistics process and reduce productivity. This places high demands on the transmission. Maintenance-free and robust transmission solutions are required here.  This is what drives SPN - to develop worry-free and reliable gearbox solutions that optimize internal transport and keep it maintenance-free - with robust drives that require minimal installation space and score with a high load capacity. Our transmission solution is specially adapted to the requirements of AGVs and is designed together with you, as the manufacturer and developer of such transport systems, to meet your specific specifications. The design is based on proven standards and is manufactured precisely, customized and reliably.

SPN Schwaben Präzision Fritz Hopf GmbH has developed a compact drive and steering unit that takes up these requirements and implements them perfectly.

  • The travel drive is designed with an optimally combined gearbox of different designs.
  • The steering drive scores with a self-locking gear combination for energy-saving control.
  • A 360° endlessly swiveling drive wheel for positionally accurate maneuvering ensures maximum mobility.
  • Defined sensors are integrated into the system at the customer's request. This enables the transmission system to travel at speeds of up to 10 km/h. A drive load of up to 1.25t is possible without any problems.

Customized solutions are our drive. Connection geometries to specified vehicle frames can be implemented specifically according to requirements, and the wheel connection geometry can be flexibly adapted.

The way to your traction drive for AGVs and AGVs:

Kontaktaufnahme, erste Beratung & Datenübermittlung

Erste Kontaktaufnahme bzw. Anfrage erfolgt über E-Mail, Telefon oder z. B. auf Messen.


Ein direkter Ansprechpartner betreut das Projekt weiterhin nach der Entwicklung.

Intensiver Austausch zwischen Kunde & SPN

Intensive Beratung zu den Kundenanforderungen ermöglicht eine optimale Antriebslösung.

Start Serienfertigung / Bestellung Rahmenaufträge

Offizielle Serienfertigung bzw. Rahmenaufträge starten erst nach intensiver Erprobung.

Erst ab diesem Schritt
entstehen für Sie Kosten.

Re-Design bei Bedarf

Bei Änderungen oder Anpassungen geht die Antriebslösung in ein Re-Design.

Entwicklungsphase, Berechnung & Auslegung

Entwicklung einer Antriebslösung anhand Beispielen & Ideen im Austausch mit dem Kunden.

Vorserie & Feldtest

Eine Vorserie und ein Feldtest decken mögliche Änderungs­anforderungen am Getriebe auf.

Finales Produktangebot & Bestellung Kunde

Nachdem eine optimale Antriebslösung steht, startet die finale Beauftragung.

Musterbau / Prototyp & Erprobung

Getriebe-Muster werden intensiv erprobt - direkt beim Kunden oder bei SPN.

Our process to your AGV travel drive - step by step.


Your initial contact or inquiry comes to us by email, phone, by visiting a trade show, etc. An initial consultation and data transfer takes place. We advise you on your requirements: either for a standard gear unit or for a customized gear unit.

If a new project arises, a non-disclosure agreement can be signed at your request. We go into the second intensive consultation with you, exchanging ideas & suggestions based on examples and, if necessary, giving an initial estimate of costs, project duration and delivery time.
You decide on your optimal solution. You commission the official project. As a rule, you will only incur costs from now on!
The development phase starts in close exchange with you. Your project manager and the development department stay in close contact with you. Within a third intensive consulting phase you will receive your final product offer including costs and delivery time.
You order and subsequently receive your gearbox sample. With the sample or prototype, the gearbox is tried and tested on your premises or at ours.
Then we start the pre-series and the field test. If there are changes and adjustments, we go into a re-design.
After that, the official series production or your frame orders start. Our service and after-sales team will continue to be there for you following the development of your special gear unit and will advise you on any questions you may have.

The future of intralogistics

Intralogistics will be characterized by further developments and automations in the future, new storage and internal transport concepts will increase the efficiency and productivity of companies. Manufacturing logistics will be rethought and put on a sustainable footing.

With individual transmission solutions, which are adapted to the requirements and conditions of driverless transport systems, processes are being rethought and forward-looking logistics processes are being designed.




Further information on automated guided vehicles

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Customized drive solutions result from personal interaction between you and the SPN experts. Here you will find the SPN contact person for your region.