Helical gears to the SPN standard

According to the drawings provided or through joint development work – with SPN helical gears, you have every freedom. Different manufacturing processes, materials and surface treatments can be freely combined.

Spur gearing is a widely used form of gear connection in mechanical systems. It is characterized by its involute teeth, which run parallel to the axis of rotation of the wheel.

  • Module (m) indicates how large the teeth are in relation to the diameter of the gear wheel
  • Number of teeth (z) indicates the number of teeth on the wheel and influences the transmission ratio
  • Pitch circle diameter (d) is the diameter of a circle that runs through the center of the teeth (tooth thickness, s = tooth space, e)
  • Tip diameter (da) is the largest diameter of the gear, measured over the tooth heads
  • root diameter (df) is the smallest diameter of the gear at the base of the teeth
  • Tooth height(h) describes the vertical distance between the tooth tip and the root circle (h=ha+hf)
  • Profile displacement (x) describes the position of the tooth profiles in relation to the center of the gear and influences the load capacity and load distribution over the teeth

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spur gears ground

Manufacturing process roll and profile ground according to Reishauer and Kapp
Flank direction straight and angled
Module 0,5 - 12 mm
Number of teeth 7 - 600
Component length up to 750mm
Workpiece diameter 10-300 mm

spur gears milled

Manufacturing process hobbing and profile milling
Flank direction straight and helical
Module 0,2 - 10 mm
Number of teeth 2 - 9999
Component length up to 500 mm
Workpiece diameter up to 400 mm

spur gears shaping

Manufacturing process rolling push
Flank direction straight and helical
Module 0.2 - 6 mm
Toothing type external and internal toothing
Tooth width up to 87 mm
Pitch circle diameter 300 mm

beveloid gearing

Beveloid gearing is a conical spur gear and is particularly suitable for setting a minimum backlash with very high rigidity at the same time.

The wheel and the pinion have opposite angles. The backlash is set by adjusting the pinion axially. In this design with parallel axis position, the tooth contact remains linear, which benefits high durability and rigidity.

Gears of this type can be set completely backlash-free. The manufacture of beveloid-toothed spur gears is very complex.

SPN has developed a specially coordinated manufacturing and measuring process for this purpose, which enables this special toothing to be manufactured to a high and reproducible quality.

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