SPN honours employees for longstanding loyalty

Traditionally, the jubilee celebration took place at SPN at the beginning of December. All in all, a total of 18 employees could be honoured this year for their longstanding period of employment. The management was especially proud to congratulate two 45-year and four 40-year jubilees this year. After a good dinner, at first the 10-year jubilees were honoured by Rainer Hertle (Technical Managing Director) in the Nördlinger Gasthof Schlüssel in relaxed atmosphere. After that, Alexander Deffner honoured the 25-year jubilees and handed over the certificates for 25 years of employment to 5 employees. The highlight was the honouring of the 6 employees with 40 and 45 years of employment, carried out by Georg Jaumann. “In these times, such a long employment period is not usual anymore. The more we are pleased that we can thank our employees every year for their loyalty to SPN. I think this shows that SPN is a popular employer in our region,” Georg Jaumann, Commercial Managing Director, said. On the picture top row standing from the left side: Markus Thum, Dominik Ohmüller, Walter Miller, Michael Janku, Maxim Rabouin, Johannes Kuß

Middle Row standing from the left side:

Alexander Deffner, Martin Erdle, Klaus Klimek, Rainer Hertle, Georg Jaumann, Martin Thum, Gerhard Lutz, Betriebsrat Norbert Wanger Sitting from the left side: Rudolf Göttler, Werner Schabert, Helga Eraßmy, Jeanette Geis, Christian Beck, Beiratsvorsitzender Hans Niemeier The following persons could not take part, unfortunately: Dieter Gutmann und Patrick Göttler

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