Since 9 March the world record vehicle is available at SPN. We can see Philip Bilfinger and Luca Perotti of TUfast Eco Team together with Sascha Nebrich (deputy head of training workshop SPn) and Timo Ebert (development SPN) during the “delivery”.

SPN supports TU Munich and is therefore in the Guiness Book of World Records 2018

This is something special: SPN logo on the Guinness World Record Vehicle oft he TUfast Eco Team

The electro racing car „eLi14“ has broken the world record in the categroy „most efficient electric vehicle“.  On the distance of 100 km the racing cars uses 81,16 Wh electricity. It was designed by students of the TUfast Eco Team of TU Munich, faculty for engineering. The electro racing vehicle designed by the students used on a distance of 100 km only 81,16 WH electricity. Converted to one liter super petrol, this corresponds to a distance of approx. 11,000 km. By this, the team secured a record in the category “most efficient electric vehicle” in the Guinness Book of World Records. SPN has been committed as a sponsor for the racing team for several years and developed together with the students components for the gearbox and the drive train.

SPN helps to perfect drawings and components

The TUfast Eco team is happy about the cooperation with SPN: „For us students, it is a great opportunity to use our theoretical knowledge in practice. While other sponsors simply produce the parts, SPN has supported us actively in order to perfect the drawings and thus the components. Being a student, it is important to see how ones own plans are turned into concrete parts and in so doing, we learn, what parts in our drawings are redundant or what can be optimised.” Therefore, they would like to continue the cooperation with SPN, discussions are going on. Since 9 March 2018, the most economic electro car in the world stands at SPN for a few months.

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